Sports Fields

With recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and yesterday’s announcements from our federal and provincial governments, any chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air is something that we all will want to do.

CSC facilities are always made available by the volunteers who own and operate it however we want to advise the following:

  1. Walking is acceptable and encouraged. Please practice social distancing.
  2. Keep your pets on leashes, we ask that you clean up after them. Remember kids play there.
  3. Keep children off the playground equipment to avoid any chance for the transfer of the virus. We do not and cannot know who has used the equipment prior to your arrival nor do we assume any responsibility for disinfecting this equipment.
  4. Stay away from the picnic tables under the shelter, again we ask this for your protection.

We understand the desire to get out but we must encourage everyone to take appropriate action to stop the spread of this virus.

Please visit the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit page for information to aid in stopping the spread of this virus and steps to take if you think you have been infected.

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