Soccer nights of play

UPDATE #2: We do offer a U4 division, this is for children who will be 4 or younger this year. U6 & U4 will play Thursday evenings. As soccer season has been delayed starting we are continuing to accept registrations. Please register your child/children ASAP as we need to establish which teams will need players.

A question was asked regarding nights of play for the soccer teams. Our soccer coordinator, Rachel, has advised the follow was decided by Tri-County Soccer League at their last meeting:

U8 Thursday (born in 2013-2012)

U10 Wednesday (born 2011-2010)

U12 Tuesdays (born 2009-2008)

U15 Monday (born 2007-2005)

U18 Thursday (born 2002-2004)

Mini house league U6 (born 2014-2015) and U4 (born 2016-2017) will run Thursdays

Registration forms are posted HERE, and please consider coaching. Volunteers are always needed. All instructions are on the this PAGE

10 thoughts on “Soccer nights of play

  1. Hi. My family is new to soccer so I don’t know what the U codes mean. My son is 4-JK and I was hoping he could play soccer this year. Is that offered fir his age?

    1. Soccer is not my area of expertise but I happen to this one, “U” stands for under and the age divisions are based on age during year of play. Your son would play U4.

  2. Hi! I had the same question as Andrea. Do the 4 year olds play on the U6 team as that looks to be the lowest age offered? Or is there something just for the little guys?

    Thanks for any help!

  3. Hi, I was wondering if there was an in-person registration day for 2020?

    1. Rachel is planning to have 2 but I don’t have the dates yet.

  4. I was filling out my sons registration form and noticed at the bottom he has to be born in 2013.
    He will be six in June and is really excited about playing.
    Could I still register him to play?

    1. Glad to hear your son is excited about playing. Your son will play U8 (Under 8) you will need to use the other form

  5. Hello. We have not registered our child for U4 yet as we were waiting to see if there was an update on which evening U4 will be. Any updates? Has the registration been extended at all? Thanks.

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