Rink Update

Please remain off the rink and have patience.

To all we regret the late start for the rink this year, the warmer than usual weather conditions have put a bit of hamper on the start-up.  The last 3 weeks have seen plus numbers on the thermometer.   Yes, there have been rinks posted as open on social media showing people skating various ice conditions.  Not too many areas are like the sports fields, it’s not a simple task to flood and have a safe ice surface with a gravel base and straight sand underneath that when the temperature isn’t below freezing.

Regardless the process has begun, and we are trying to take advantage of the recent cold temps hoping that we can get enough of a base started that when it does turn cold, we will quickly have a safe useable rink. 

As a caution to this announcement it takes us a minimum of 60-80,000 gals to get it to the point where it is safe to use.  We can only lay down 10,000 gals per flood, anything more will cause the ice to become soft and will not freeze solid. When temperatures remain near -10 C we can generate great ice quickly and sustain a good solid base

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