New Registration Fees

momblogger_infographic_mainThe Sports Club is developing a new registration fee schedule to begin alignment with the Ontario Soccer Association’s implementation of their new system in 2017.  The volunteer fee will be paid up front but we still need community volunteers for various projects.  A sports voucher will be issued upon the completion of your volunteer hours based on a 4-hour minimum commitment. Vouchers will only be issued for 4 hour blocks of time and may be used for any Sports Club activity (excluding canteen purchases and Mixed 3 Pitch.)  A uniform deposit of $40 will still be required at time of registration.  Families with 3 or more children registering will get 50% off the lowest registration fee for their 3rd child, any additionally registered children (4+) will receive 75% off the next lowest registration fee for each subsequent child.   Only mini split  will be offered over a 12-week period (6 weeks of soccer and 6 weeks of baseball).

Soccer Fees

U6-U14 – $110/player (includes volunteer fee)

U16-U18 – $130/player (includes volunteer fee)

Baseball Fees

Mini split (born in 2012-2013)    $40/player + $80 volunteer fee

Coaches Pitch (born in 2010-2011) $50/player + $80 volunteer fee

Rookie (born in 2009,2008,2007)    $105/player + $80 volunteer fee

Mosquito (born in 2006-2005)         $105/player + $80 volunteer fee

Peewee (born in 2004-2003)            $125/player + $80 volunteer fee

Girls may be 1 year older than any age category

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