Minor Sports Registration

Dates have been set and are indicated in the link below.  Registration forms can be found HERE please print the appropriate form and have it filled out to hand out at registration.  Also please sign up to volunteer in some capacity.  We need coaches to help these teams succeed.

Sports Club Registration Flyer (1)

2 thoughts on “Minor Sports Registration

  1. For the mini split- does the child have to be 3 years old at registration or is turning 3 this year ok? He was born in 2015.

    1. Your question is a great question and here is a few things to think of.

      The split program was created to have choices for kids and parents before heading into league soccer or baseball play. The split program was created by a few parents in the ball program and it is still today the only program of its kind for kids that young. Most all sports when a birth year is posted for an age group it is a calendar date Jan 1st of any year. In this case not when the season begins. On the real young side of the scale the most important part if abilities and attention span for the young ones. We have many that sign up and after a short time drop out because there child is not quite ready. In saying that my kids both started sports at or before 3, if your child is engaging with you at home in outdoor activities and or sports and you feel is ready regardless of age then your good to go with me I don’t see a problem.

      I also encourage that you be part of this experience with your child and get the most of this program, if the parents buy into it and are part of it then the kids have a blast and everyone learns from it. If you are interested in taking on a coaching role we are looking for a few to head the team up. (it’s a simple program to work with, being a parent is one of the key elements as you understand the kids of that age) better than a non parent coach.

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