Castleton Sports Club Gear

There will be no Pond Hockey tournaments this year. The guys have worked hard to create the rinks anyway but we have lost a major fundraising event to cover the operating costs. You can help, either by donating directly to via e-transfer (use password: castletonsports ) or by purchasing gear. T-shirts and toques with the CSC logo are $20 each. Hoodie with the CSC logo and Castleton Cup down the right arm are $50 each (Castleton Cup logo can be removed if you prefer). Phoenix Signs & Apparel is a local business, creating a win/win for us all. You have 2 options to order: 1) Email your order directly to then you will be invoiced 2) Open the form below, if you use Adobe Acrobat click the submit button or alternatively email the form to


Initial orders have been received. Reports are that the quality is good and the fit is great. T-shirts a very long and unisex. And well a toque is a toque

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