Castleton Sports Club Gear

There will be no Pond Hockey tournaments this year. The guys have worked hard to create the rinks anyway but we have lost a major fundraising event to cover the operating costs. You can help, either by donating directly to [email protected] via e-transfer (use password: castletonsports ) or by purchasing gear. T-shirts and toques with the CSC logo are $20 each. Hoodie with the CSC logo and Castleton Cup down the right arm are $50 each (Castleton Cup logo can be removed if you prefer). Phoenix Signs & Apparel is a local business, creating a win/win for us all. You have 2 options to order: 1) Email your order directly to [email protected] then you will be invoiced 2) Open the form below, if you use Adobe Acrobat click the submit button or alternatively email the form to [email protected]


Initial orders have been received. Reports are that the quality is good and the fit is great. T-shirts a very long and unisex. And well a toque is a toque

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