2020 Castleton Cup Schedule and Information.

REVISED SCHEDULE POSTED BELOW. Please read rules below and enjoy your day.

This is a fun tournament, any disrespect to any official will be an automatic ejection from the tournament. Everything at this event was and is provided by volunteers. We do this for the kids and the local community. There are no scores being kept and there is no prize at the end it’s all for fun and the love of the game.

This year we will be running with 30 teams for tournament. It was not an easy schedule to assemble, with an odd numbers of teams entering in a couple age groups. The younger players will be starting earlier and older players starting later. Every match up was given careful consideration. We cannot stress the importance of being ready to play and be on time for when your game starts, you can see we literally have a minute between games and flooding with minimal ice prep time. When the game ends, it ends and when the ice resurfacer enters the ice area you’re off the ice.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to your first game, go straight to the canteen to submit your payment for the tournament and register.

The canteen will be serving hot drinks, cold drinks, burgers, fries and hot dogs. Proceeds from the canteen go right back into the facility and the kids programs. Please visit the canteen.

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Enjoy your day and have fun.
Jeff, Stacy and Bruce.

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