Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed in a few different capacities. If you want volunteer to coach a soccer team, please fill out the appropriate form from the Registration page and submit to treasurer@castletonsportsclub.ca

We also require bingo volunteers. Volunteers receive a voucher to be used for any activity CSC supports. Bingos start at 7:00 in Cobourg but volunteers need to be at the hall by 6:00, we will feed you. SEE DATES BELOW. The exception is March 29, when we have taken on a double bingo, 1st session begins at 7 and 2nd session begins at 9. Contact Kevin for information president@castletonsportsclub.ca.

Sun. Mar.29 – Kevin, Cindy, Wendy, Shelda Woods Mon Mar 30 – Kevin, Cindy, Kym Rusaw Wed. Apr.29- Cindy, Kevin Mon. May 27-Kevin, Cindy Mon June 29-Kevin, Cindy,

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