Change of Seasons

The Castleton Sports Club would like to thank coordinators Cathy-Rose Patterson (soccer) and Jeff Turney (baseball) along with their coaches and parent volunteers for another successful season of minor sports.   Without all of the support we receive from all of the volunteers we couldn’t run the programs we do.

Some work has been done at the fields this fall, including seeding the fields and some leveling around the area of the ice of surface.  Thank you to Northumberland Grain for the donation of grass seed and fertilizer.  Ice making will begin as soon as weather permits.  Volunteers are needed to assist Jeff at the rink when work there begins.  If Mother Nature cooperates the 2nd Anuual Pond Hockey Tournament will take place in late January or February.   We ask that anyone who uses the fields over the winter months adopt a “Leave No Trace ” policy.  Please help us keep the fields tidy by using garbage containers provided.

Volleyball is being organized for the winter months.   Details have not been finalized but teams are expected to start playing in November.

Nevada tickets are available to purchase at the store.  All proceeds from the tickets sales support the programs the Sports Club run.

The club is required to submit financial documents for audit annually.   John Coss of Coss Accounting graciously offered to provide auditing services this year after many years of service from  Linda Marshman.   Thank you John.

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