Baseball in Castleton

The baseball committee has had their first meeting and they have decided to add to the programs that will be offered this summer.

Mini-Split – Ages 3-5 $40/child

Mini-split will consist of 6 weeks soccer and 6 weeks T-ball with an emphasis on fundamentals and fun.  This division does not travel.

5 Pitch – Ages 5-7 $50/child

5 Pitch will continue to build skills and offers competition against other centres for children.

Rookie – Ages 7-9 $105/child

Rookie ball has children learning to hit off a pitching machine, this is also a travelling league for children.

Mosquito – Ages 9-11 $105/child

Mosquito ball is the first level where children do the pitching.  This is a travelling league.

Registration for baseball will take place at the same times as soccer.  The first registration date is set for this Sunday, March 16 from 1:00 to 5:00.  Please bring your cheques and completed forms if possible.  Forms will be available from the organizers

2014 Baseball registration form



2 thoughts on “Baseball in Castleton

    1. I am hopeful some of this information will become available at tonight’s Sports Club meeting. Registration normally takes place in late February/early March. Last year the splits played Mondays at 6:30 but that is not confirmed for this year.

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