1 more week until the return of the Children’s Fishing Derby

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Admission is $10 per rod
  2. Only children 14 years and under may fish.
  3. All children must be accompanied by an adult
  4. Single hooks only – no gang hooks, lures, etc
  5. One rod per child
  6. Bait can be worms, fake works, corn, shrimp – no live bait such as minnows
  7. “Chumming” is not allowed.
  8. Limit of 2 rainbows per child. After meeting this limit, participants must leave the pond area.
  9. No catch and release – all rainbows must be kept.
  10. No alcohol or cannabis is permitted on the property.

We have prizes to be awarded to the angler with largest fish of the weekend and the largest fish landed both days. All participants will be entered in a random draw. A raffle table will be set up which includes a one of a kind signed portrait of Mitch Marner. We will have a supply of bait worms for sale at the gate when your child registers.

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2 thoughts on “1 more week until the return of the Children’s Fishing Derby

  1. Is it all from shore or is a boat required or an option?

    Are any rods avail or do kids need their own?

    Will there be any assistance or guides or someone that could help to show how to setup a rod or affix a hook or worm for parents/kids new to fishing?

    1. Fishing will be from shore only. Kids will need to bring their own gear, however we will have worms to sell. Since it is our 1st year hosting this event we won’t have dedicated people providing fishing advice, this is something we may do in future years, however it is possible someone may be able to assist.

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