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Pond Hockey Schedule

2018 Castleton Cup Pond Hockey Tournament Schedule

Tomorrow looks like it’s going to a great day for the tournament.  Please be at the fields a minimum of 15 minutes before your schedule time.  This is meant to be a fun day for all please be respectful of everyone involved.  We also ask that you maintain a safe distance from the zamboni when it is in operation.

Good luck




Deadline fo registration is Monday, February 12 at 6:00 p.m.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.



The weather is looking favourable for our annual Pond Hockey tournament scheduled for Monday, February 19, with great news.  A second rink has been installed that has allowed organizers to offer a 19 and over division.  Same rules apply.  Contact either Jeff or Stacy to register (information below)


The tournament will run if weather conditions permit


Once again the rink is closed due to warm weather conditions.  STAY OFF THE ICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  We understand a free activity is attractive but if the ice is used before it has fully frozen again you are only making more work for our volunteers.  No one is paid to make the rink usable, this is entirely undertaken by a volunteers.  It has also been brought to my attention that certain users aren’t cleaning up after themselves when they are done skating.  Our volunteers are putting in hours at night or early in the morning before they start work, they don’t have time to be cleaning up after disrespectful individuals.  If you bring something in with you TAKE IT WITH YOU.    Sadly if this situation is not rectified the rink will cease to exist.

Pond Hockey Tournament

Plans are being made to host a Pond Hockey tournament, complete with the Castleton Cup.  Our tentative date is Monday, February 19, Family Day but Mother Nature will ultimately decide if this event will happen.   The tournament will be open to players 18 and under.  Updates and details will be posted here


Rink is Open


The rink is finally ready for skating. The final prep started at 6:00 am this morning, scraping humps and bumps and a final flood. A big thank you to Stacy King for his help and enthusiasm.

A gentle reminder to be respectful of other users and share the ice. Please leave tracks not trash, if you bring something take it with you when you leave.


Mother Nature determines how the ice will be, Jeff has his fingers crossed for below zero numbers. Thank you to Jeff & Stacy for their hard working getting the rink ready to use. One last request, if you turn the lights on please turn them off when you leave, we all know the cost of hydro…

2014 Castleton Cup Pond Hockey Tournament

Last year’s tournament was a resounding success and with some cooperation from Mother Nature the conditions look great for the tournament this year at the Sports Fields.  The ice makers have been freezing their bits off but the ice looks near perfect.

Winning team Rolfe


Set aside Saturday Feb 1, 2014 for what is sure to be a great day of hockey played outdoors.  Below are the rules and general information for this year’s tournament.  Limited team space is available.  Deadline for entries is January 30, 2014.

2014 Pond Hockey

2014 Castleton Cup Pond Hockey Tournament Rules





Castleton Cup Pond Hockey Tournament

Winning team Rolfe

The winning team of players of the Castleton Cup Pond Hockey Tournament

Saturday, February 16 was a perfect -8 C and teams were set for a day of all out pond hockey at the ice rink.   The teams entered in the tournament were in for a great day beginning with the first puck drop at 1 pm sharp. Each 25 min game brought more and more excitement.

Teams competed in one common pool creating an all out battle for top position.  After the scheduled three games, two teams had a flawless record winning all three of their games.  The teams assembled by John Rolfe and Ryan Wilson were perfect on the day leading into the final match.  It was a do or die 25 minute race for the cup.  At the final whistle, it was the team entered by John Rolf who hoisted the Castleton Cup Pond Hockey trophy under the lights in victory at 7:30pm

The teams were complied of various ages but it was the timeless entry of golden oldies by Derek Jones that drew the attention of spectators.   Not too sure if an ambulance or defibrillator was needed but this team did have a ton of fun.

castleton's finest

Names withheld to protect the ego’s of these “senior” players

Though there was no real winner or loser on the day but the true winners were all participants in the first Castleton Cup Pond Hockey tournament.  Forty-eight players, comprising eight teams, taking to the ice of the outdoor rink was a perfect way to celebrate the Canada’s ultimate winter sport.   Grassroots hockey is alive and well in rural Ontario.

The Sports Club has deemed this an event a success and with some cooperation from Mother Nature it will become an annual event.


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